SHOW VIDEOS: $15/show

Miss Amazing offers video downloads of the following shows: 

Teen Talent Show
Teen Onstage Presentation Show
Miss Talent Show
Miss Onstage Presentation Show
Closing Ceremony

Videos are available for download onto your desktop computer. DVD technology is slowly being phased out, and Miss Amazing can no longer rely on the outdated DVD burning software. For this reason, we will be offering digital video downloads only. 



Includes digital downloads of the following photos of the participant:

Official Portrait (taken at Registration)
Talent Performance
Presentation in Evening Wear
Crowning Moment

Miss Amazing will provide you with all photos that we have of the participant in the aforementioned areas. While we cannot predict the exact number of photos that will be included, we can say that you will be provided with at least three photos of the participant in each area. 


$100 (SAVE $25)

The Queen Media Package includes the following: 

Participant’s Talent Show Video
Participant’s Onstage Presentation Show Video
Closing Ceremony Video
Event Photos


$120 (SAVE $35)

The Complete Media Package includes the following:

Teen Talent Show Video
Teen Onstage Presentation Show Video
Miss Talent Show Video
Miss Onstage Presentation Show Video
Closing Ceremony Video
Event Photos


All photos are taken by the Mfinanga Photography + Motion team


Media Order Form


Frequently Asked Questions About Media Orders: 

When can I expect to receive download links for my photos and videos? Approximately four weeks after the event. 

I want photo prints. Do you provide those? Miss Amazing provides something even better! We hand over the original, print-ready photo files. This means that you can order big prints, small prints, photo books, put them on Facebook- the sky's the limit!

Do you include candid photos from the event? Since the national event is getting to be so big, we cannot expect our photographers to capture quality candid photos of all participants. Instead, we have them divert all of their energy into capturing beautiful moments onstage. 

I want to watch my videos on the television. How can I do that if I download them onto my computer? Technology is moving faster and faster nowadays. It looks like content consumption is moving more and more to streaming services like iTunes, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. For this reason, developers are no longer improving the DVD burning software that used to exist. To watch your video on a television, we suggest picking up an HDMI cable. This will allow you to use your television as your computer monitor. Viola! 

Also an added bonus: Since we provide you with the video file, you'll be able to share it with anyone online!